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“Bank happy” antenna ball May 9, 2011

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When I was in grad school in the Texas Panhandle, I needed to find a local bank and, as a matter of principle, I always look for the local banks first. I’ve long had issues with giant, corporate banking chains, even before the banking crisis of a few years ago. I eventually settled on a small regional chain called First State Bank, whose flagship branch is in — can you believe this? — Happy, Texas! (In fact, they’ve since changed their name to Happy State Bank and Trust.) The bank’s motto at the time was “Don’t Worry — Bank Happy,” and I certainly did!

One of that bank’s advertising give-aways was this smiley antenna ball, which made a perfect addition to my collection.


BONUS: Reader-submitted smiley September 4, 2010

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Pigtail braids smiley antenna ball. Submitted by Erin H.

On the heels of Thursday’s cowboy antenna ball, my dear friend from college, Erin H., sent me this photo.

I’m not sure if this smiley gal is a Heidi or a Brunhilda, but either way, she’s awesome.  Thanks, Erin!

Do you have a smiley you want to submit?  Send it to me via e-mail; check the “About” page for more details.

Cowboy antenna ball September 2, 2010

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Cowboy antenna ball. From my personal collection.

Remember antenna balls?  I don’t see many of these anymore.  (A few weeks ago, as my wife and I were driving across northern Texas, I was commenting on this very thing, when–as though to prove me wrong–a pickup sporting a dirty old Wilson ball, of Cast Away fame, passed us on the highway.  Still, that was the only antenna ball I’ve seen in years.)

I was never big on the antenna ball fad when it was popular, but several years ago I did enjoy popping the occasional smiley face on my antenna.  The first one I had, which rode on the big antenna on my `83 Mercury Zephyr, got stolen one day, and at first I was upset and a little sad, but then I thought, Hey, whoever took it just got a little happier.  So, mission accomplished.

I bought another ball that day and stuck it on the antenna.  It, too, got stolen, and so the cycle went on.  (This is not the only antenna ball you’re going to see in this blog.)  This guy didn’t spend any time on any of my cars, though, because I didn’t want his hat to get messed up.  And I had plenty of smileys to stand in for him.

Happiness on the highway.  Something else we need a lot more of.