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About the blog

A classic smiley face I made on my computer. This is the same smiley that appears in the banner.

This blog is simple: Twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, I’ll share a smiley face with you. Many of these are smiley faces I own; some are smileys I’ve made, and some others are smileys I’ve found out in the world, on the side of a building or hidden in an everyday object.

I share them because, like laughter, smiling is infectious. When you see a smiley face, you invariably want to smile.  Better still, smiling is self-fulfilling: If you smile, your body tells your mind that you’re happy, and so you become happy.

And from where I’m sitting, the world can use all the smiling and happiness it can get.

My name is Samuel Snoek-Brown, but my sister’s kids — my nephew Aidan and my nieces Zoey and Jolie — call me Uncle Smiley.

I’m a writer and writing teacher. I’m also a coffee addict, cat lover, occasional traveler, and collector of smiley faces.

I’m married to librarian Jennifer Snoek-Brown. We live in Portland, Oregon, with our two cats, Ibsen and Brontë.

You can read more about me at my professional site.

Have a smile or a happy story you want to share with me? Send me an e-mail. (No emoticons or animated graphics packages, please — believe me, I have plenty of those! But if you have smiley-face products, smiley art, or simulacra, I’d love to see them.)



1. scriptorobscura - December 23, 2010

Great idea for a blog 🙂

Samuel Snoek-Brown - December 23, 2010

Thanks! 🙂

2. Rhonda Garcia - May 22, 2013

Smileys have been a part of my signature for years they never grow old

Samuel Snoek-Brown - May 22, 2013

Mine too!

And thanks for stopping by! I’ve been sidetracked with life, etc, for a while now, but I’m planning to start posting again this summer. So I hope you stay tuned! I’ll be back soon! 🙂

3. asleepinstorm - July 4, 2013

Love your smiley design. Can I use it on a shirt I’m making? Thanks, 🙂

Samuel Snoek-Brown - July 4, 2013

Go for it! Send me a pic when the shirt is finished?

asleepinstorm - July 4, 2013

Thanks! I’ll send you a pic when it’s done!

4. joe - November 13, 2013

I’m a dentist in the UK. could I use your smiley on thank you cards for my patients. I would be so grateful.

Samuel Snoek-Brown - November 13, 2013


You’re welcome to it! And thanks for asking. I hope the cards make your patients smile. 🙂

5. joe rawcliffe - November 13, 2013

See above. Re thank you cards.

6. joe rawcliffe - November 13, 2013

Sorry I’m nit very good at this. I’m a Dentist in UK. Could I use your smiley on thank you cards for my patients. I’d be so grateful.

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