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Balloon August 18, 2011

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Decor, Holidays, Smiley, Toys.
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On my wife’s birthday, we were driving across town when I noticed a bright yellow balloon skipping down the sidewalk like a runaway puppy. The cars passing on the busy city street buffeted the poor lost balloon, and I saw that soon it would drift into an intersection and perhaps be lost forever. So I whipped the car to the side of the road and ran down the sidewalk to catch the balloon, which jumped into my arms like it had been expecting me. And then I gave the balloon to my wife, because it was her birthday. 🙂

This week is my birthday (and the first anniversary of this blog!), and I, too, have a yellow balloon. But I’m Uncle Smiley, so my yellow balloon has a face.

Balloon. From my personal collection.


Punch balloon August 15, 2011

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Punch balloon. From my personal collection.

Oh, joy, the fun I used to have with these things! Hours and hours of fun, or therapy, or maybe both. It’s such a simple, idiot game, just banging that thick balloon around, but I always loved feeling that satisfying slap against my knuckles (or, when it flies off course the way its smaller cousin, the paddle ball, often did, the sting against the side of my head), hearing that hollow thwang you only get from these big punch balloons and those soft red kickballs in gym class. And the glee of doing it long enough that my parents started shouting “Will you take that thing outside!”

And it’s a gorgeous day out today. So I think I will. 🙂