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Happy Halloween! October 28, 2010

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Smiley skull. My own doodle in Sharpie, on my own construction-paper template for a "sugar skull."

Happy Halloween, everyone!

For more of my paper “sugar skulls,” check out my submissions to Skull-A-Day.


Measuring tape October 25, 2010

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Measuring tape. From my personal collection.

Who says work can’t be fun?  The tape itself is interesting–it’s very flexible, much more like a tailor’s tape than a construction tape–and it’s proven pretty useful for simple household measuring and for taking to the store so we can check sizes when shopping for furniture.  Plus, the cats love to chase the tasseled end.  But my favorite feature?  The little button “nose” that you push to retract the tape!

Side note: It’s my father-in-law’s birthday this week, and since he’s quite the craftsman himself (he’s currently finishing a complete remodel of their house, which he designed himself and did a lot of the construction for himself), I thought this measuring tape would be a fun tribute.

Keychain October 21, 2010

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Keychain. From my personal collection.

When I was a kid, before I began collecting smiley faces, I collected keychains.  Don’t ask me why–I think I liked the idea of owning things worth locking up, so even though I didn’t have any keys, I wanted the keyrings to put them on, like I was preparing for my adult responsibilities or something.  I don’t know–I’m just making that up, really.  But I loved keychains.  My collection got large enough that, strung together, they stretched across my bedroom.  I kept them hung on my wall, draping across and down each side of my window like a Christmas garland.

A lot of those keychains involved smiley faces, so when I began collecting smileys, those naturally migrated from the old jumble of keychains to the new collection.  This is just the first of many.

I wonder:  If more people had smiley faces in their cars, would there be less road rage in the world?

Be happy while you drive, folks.  🙂

Candle October 18, 2010

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Candle. From my personal collection.


This is one of my most fragile smileys, and like the smiley food I love so much, it will almost certainly disappear from my collection someday.  But it survived years of display and/or storage in the heat of Texas, and the bitter cold of our Wisconsin basement, so I don’t think this happy guy is going anywhere any time soon.  That’s one of my favorite things about smiles, actually:  they’re resilient.  🙂

BONUS: Reader-submitted business smiley October 15, 2010

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"Happy? You're hired." Cover image from Friday magazine, 8-14 October 2010. (Click the image to read the story online.)


This week my wife brought home a copy of Friday, the weekly insert magazine published by the Gulf News in Dubai.  The cover story is about the importance of happiness in the workplace and how happy people are more likely to get hired.  Which seemed like a perfect companion to Wednesday’s bonus post of a smiley face hopping across a laptop.

Head antennae October 14, 2010

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Head antennae. From my personal collection.

I feel like an idiot when I put on stuff like this, which is precisely why I put it on–sometimes, being goofy is a lot of fun, and I don’t recall that I’ve ever worn these and not gotten at least a chuckle out of someone.  And that always makes it worth looking silly.

Me, wearing the antennae.

Reader-submitted video October 13, 2010

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My friend Beth D. sent me this happy guy hopping across her laptop.  Thanks, Beth!

Shaved hair October 11, 2010

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Shaved hair. Courtesy of Jon Snoek.


Okay, bear with me a minute:  This is armpit hair.

There’s a story here.  It’s not much of a story, but it explains why I have armpit hair on a smiley blog.

About seven months ago, my brother, filmmaker and professional cook Jon Snoek, made an offhand comment in Facebook that it would be funny to shave a smiley face into his armpit hair.  The online world, of course, egged him on, and eventually, he decided to go for it.  This smiley face was the result.

Not many people find happiness in other people’s armpits, I know.  But you have to admit, this is pretty hilarious.  And if it made you laugh, then my brother’s work–and mine–is done.

Oh, and the real reason I’m posting this today?  Today is my brother’s birthday.  Happy birthday, Jon!

FYI: If you do enjoy the comedy of armpits, you might want to check out my brother’s Facebook group, Designer Armpits. But only if you really want to.


BONUS: Cake Wrecks! October 8, 2010

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A smiley cupcake cake (Jen would say "ptooey!") over at Cake Wrecks. Click the image to visit the Cake Wrecks post.


It’s been a rich, delicious week here on Smile!  After the cake on Tuesday and the ice cream yesterday, today I found yet another smiley face cake over on Cake Wrecks.

Jen, the author of Cake Wrecks, loathes these cupcake cakes, and I can’t really argue with her reasoning, but let’s be honest:  even a disastrous cake is beautiful when it smiles!

We all [smile] for ice cream! October 7, 2010

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This is a sort of modified simulacrum:  I opened this brand new carton of ice cream and discovered the natural air pocket frozen into the ice cream formed a perfect grin.  Enter my large soup spoon, with which I made the divots for the eyes.


Want a little cake with your ice cream?  Check out this week’s bonus post!