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Tip jar March 28, 2011

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Food, Public art, signs, & graffiti, Smiley.
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Tip jar at Bumdoodlers, Boerne, TX. Photo taken in July, 2010.

Bumdoodlers is a Boerne institution.  They’ve been serving lunch in town since 1982, but they’re such an essential part of Boerne now that it feels like they’ve been around a hundred years longer.  That’s an impressive integration in a town where families who’ve been around for 25 years are still considered newcomers.  But Bumdoodlers has settled in and made itself as much a part of Boerne as German music and Berges Fest.  No one can live there long without heading into this classic joint for a thick sandwich, a pickle, and some greasy potato chips served in a basket and eaten at a picnic table.  Or, better still, a slice of pie, which Bumdoodlers is famous for.  Hell, even driving through Boerne without stopping in at Bumdoodlers is a difficult feat.

I see smiley faces on tip jars all the time, to be honest–it’s the graphic, countertop version of the “Sullivan Nod“–but when I saw this one during my trip to Boerne last year, I couldn’t help but snap a photo.  Bumdoodlers makes a lot of folks smile, so it seemed an appropriate tribute.