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Chocolate birthday cake April 25, 2011

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Chocolate birthday cake. Photo taken in Platteville, WI.


Okay, this is technically my birthday cake (both in the sense that I made it and that it was for me), from a few years ago. But I’m posting it here today because this week is my sister’s birthday.

Happy birthday, Sara!


BONUS: Cake Wrecks! October 8, 2010

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A smiley cupcake cake (Jen would say "ptooey!") over at Cake Wrecks. Click the image to visit the Cake Wrecks post.


It’s been a rich, delicious week here on Smile!  After the cake on Tuesday and the ice cream yesterday, today I found yet another smiley face cake over on Cake Wrecks.

Jen, the author of Cake Wrecks, loathes these cupcake cakes, and I can’t really argue with her reasoning, but let’s be honest:  even a disastrous cake is beautiful when it smiles!

BONUS: Reader-submitted smiley cake! October 5, 2010

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"Happy-tie dye." Cake by Polly Smith Bond of Polly's Creative Cakes in Boerne, TX. 1 October 2010.

Okay, this is more solicited than submitted:  Polly Smith Bond is a friend of mine from back in high school, and she keeps a photo album of her cakes on Facebook.  She’s a fantastically creative decorator who does amazing things with icing–she eschews the flashier media like fondant because she feels that traditional icing is more artistic.  “You have to get really creative for it to work sometimes,” she told me in an e-mail once.  I’ve been keeping tabs on the cakes through her Facebook photo album and when I saw this smiley guy, I asked her permission to post it here.

Her web site is a work in progress, but keep an eye on Polly’s Creative Cakes, because this cake is just a faint hint of  what she’s capable of:  the things she’s able to do with traditional icing are just awesome.  When she gets a public album up online, I’m totally going to submit her work to the Sunday Sweets category over at Cake Wrecks.

Thanks, Polly, for letting me post the cake!  🙂