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Key cover November 29, 2012

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Hi, happy readers!

Yes, I’ve been away a good while, but you see, I had a reason: my wife and I just bought a house, and between the paperwork and the financing and the moving (and the moving and the moving), I haven’t had much time for the interwebs.

But I’m back gang! And do you know how all this — the new house and being back online — makes me feel?

The key cover on the key to our new home. :)

The key cover on the key to our new home. 🙂


Smiley domino keychain January 26, 2012

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Domino keychain. New to my personal collection!

The Great Enabler has further enabled me! And this time she has an accomplice!

A couple of weeks ago, this domino keychain arrived in the mail. A long time ago, my father-in-law received this as a fun little Christmas gift — it is green, after all! And so for years, my in-laws had been hanging this as an ornament on their Christmas tree. But after dismantling and packing away the tree and ornaments this year, my in-laws decided to pass along this joyous game piece to me.

It actually is a domino piece, too — a double five:

Thanks, Enablers! 🙂

Smiley keychain fob June 28, 2011

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Smiley keychain fob. From my personal collection.

My goodness, I’m behind on my smileys! As I’ve mentioned in the last few posts (from quite a while ago now!), I’ve been moving and settling into a new home, and now my wife has rejoined me after more than two months abroad, so I’ve been a bit distracted. But now that my wife is home, I’m more smiley (smilier?) than ever, so I’m back and will be posting regularly and enthusiastically!

Stay tuned for more, happy gang! 🙂

Keychain coin pouch January 27, 2011

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Do these things ever work?  It’s just a slit in soft rubber–the coins fall out so easily!  For a while, I actually used this as a kind of meta-keychain:  I had a separate set of keys for work stuff, and I tucked them inside this keychain pouch.  Otherwise, I just used it as a kind of stress-reliever, kneading the oval like a ball.  I love the shape, though–you don’t often see the traditional round smiley stretched wide into an oval.

Keychain October 21, 2010

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Keychain. From my personal collection.

When I was a kid, before I began collecting smiley faces, I collected keychains.  Don’t ask me why–I think I liked the idea of owning things worth locking up, so even though I didn’t have any keys, I wanted the keyrings to put them on, like I was preparing for my adult responsibilities or something.  I don’t know–I’m just making that up, really.  But I loved keychains.  My collection got large enough that, strung together, they stretched across my bedroom.  I kept them hung on my wall, draping across and down each side of my window like a Christmas garland.

A lot of those keychains involved smiley faces, so when I began collecting smileys, those naturally migrated from the old jumble of keychains to the new collection.  This is just the first of many.

I wonder:  If more people had smiley faces in their cars, would there be less road rage in the world?

Be happy while you drive, folks.  🙂