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Sunglasses July 28, 2011

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Clothing & Accessories, Smiley.
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Sunglasses. From my personal collection.

Okay, I know these are child-sized sunglasses. But they’re awesome. And with the sun out and skies clear on this gorgeous Oregon day, I couldn’t help but think of these happy shades. 8)


BONUS: Reader-submitted “alien” smiley July 27, 2011

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"Alien" smiley ball. Photo courtesy Aidan S.

The other day I got this image in a text from my sister, along with this message: “The ball Aidan got from HEB‘s crane machine. Thought it was cool enough to share with you :)” I asked if I could use it on the blog, and she wrote back, “Aidan was hoping you would want to use it.”

Thanks, my very cool nephew! Also, congrats on winning at those crazy crane machines — I can never seem to make those things work!

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Note clip July 25, 2011

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Note clip. From my personal collection.

It’s sometimes hard to find a place for this that’s on display but still out of the way enough that I don’t knock it over while I’m working, but when I use this, I typically keep it on (or near) my office desk. At first I kept photos of my nieces and nephews clipped in it, but the family keeps growing and multiple photos were hard to keep in one clip, so I moved them to a bulletin board and set up this clip with a photo of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama — because that guy is always smiling!

BONUS: Reader-submitted smiley car July 24, 2011

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Smiley car in a Walmart parking lot in Texas. Photo submitted by Jim Snoek.

My father — of the popular duct tape smiley* — spotted this happy little car in a Walmart parking lot down in Texas and snapped this pic with his phone to send to me.

I love how the smiley face is so wide on this car, with the thin, wide eyes like the car is so happy its eyes are squinty! There’s something almost anime about this face!

Thanks for sharing, Dad!

(* That duct tape smiley I made for my dad’s birthday is currently the second-most popular post on this blog!)

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Meditating gingerbread July 21, 2011

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Public art, signs, & graffiti, Smiley, Travel.
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Smile! sign promoting meditation. Photo taken in Vienna, Austria, 29 November 2009.

This past week, in the space of just a few days, one of my good friends returned to the US from Vienna, and another good friend left the US for Vienna. Which is fun for me, because my wife and I LOVED Vienna when we were there a couple of years ago.

This sign on the trash bin reads “Smile! Mehr Lebensfreud durch Meditation,” which (Google tells me) translates as “Smile! More joyful living through meditation.” As a Buddhist, I can tell you this is pretty well true, though only the Austrians would think to join the message with smiling gingerbread men! Of course, it was nearing Christmas….

I hope all my traveling friends find more joyful living, and I hope you have a merry Christmas in July!

BONUS: Lisa Simpson on happy pills July 19, 2011

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Because I’ve been overseas the last few years and haven’t hooked up our tv since returning to the States, I’m a bit behind on The Simpsons. But a friend of mine pointed me to this fantastic clip of Lisa in a pill-induced hallucinatory fantasyland of smiley faces:

There’s something not quite funny about this, but in true Simpsons fashion, that somehow just makes it funnier. And I love a good paradox.

The good news: here on the blog, you can see smiley faces like this without the drugs! 🙂

Reader-submitted “smilin’ dark roast” simulacrum July 18, 2011

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"Smilin' dark roast." Submitted by Locrian Rhapsody.

My Canadian friend from back in Abu Dhabi, who online goes by Locrian Rhapsody, knows I love coffee at least as much as I love smileys. So when she found this grin in her coffee grounds, she sent the photo to me!

Thanks, Locrian! Hope the cup was as happy as the grounds!

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Smiley simulacrum: “Door chain” July 14, 2011

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Back in April of last year, my wife and I visited The Netherlands. On our second day, we toured the Amstelkring, a 17th-century Catholic Church hidden inside the attic of a narrow canal house during a bitterly anti-Catholic period in Amsterdam’s history. It was a fascinating tour, and sometimes a somber one, but I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I descended the steps to the basement of the house and found this unexpected smiley on the back door.

Door chain "smiley" in the basement of the Amstelkring, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Photo taken 7 April 2010.

If you want to read more about the tour, check out the website for Museum Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder (its official name; Our Lord In the Attic Museum, in English). Or, go to my personal blog and read my travel journal entry for the day. In the meantime, here’s a closer view of that happy door:

Close-up of the door chain "smiley" in the basement of the Amstelkring.

Beach towel July 11, 2011

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Beach towel. From my personal collection.

Down in the American South, where most of my friends and family live, the weather is brutally hot. I empathize, having lived the last few years in the United Arab Emirates. But now I’m up in the Pacific Northwest, where the weather is warming and we have more sunshine than usual but we’ve still not quite reached beach weather. We’re getting close, though, and I’m hoping to take this bright, happy towel along — even if we are more likely to be cliff-gazing than beach-combing up here in Oregon. 🙂

Here’s a close-up of the towel:

Beach towel, close up.

BONUS: Smiley cup at the movie theater July 9, 2011

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Smiley cup at the concession stand in Laurelhurst Theater, Portland, OR, 9 July 2011.

Tonight, my wife and I went to see the movie Hanna at Laurelhurst Theater here in Portland. I wasn’t expecting a smiley face — Hanna is a riveting, brutal action film — but sure enough, there on the counter where you salt and butter your popcorn and grab a dozen extra napkins, I found this happy mug, full of mustard packets, grinning at me.