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The SMiLE Sessions August 9, 2012

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Music, Smiley.
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Earlier this afternoon, I was chatting with my upstairs neighbor about his music (he records under the name Laugh at Linus), and when we started talking about his love of Brian Wilson’s work with the Beach Boys, his whipped out this:

The SMiLE Sessions, by the Beach Boys.

It’s the massive, super-awesome, utterly LOADED box set release of the Beach Boys’ mysterious, long-awaited SMiLE album. (Not to be confused with the inferior replacement for what this album was supposed to be, Smiley Smile.)

Just how huge is this box set? This huge:

This is the Amazon image of the unpacked awesomeness.

And this thing isn’t just called SMiLE — it’s absolutely covered in smileys! I count at least eight in the shop window, and the bunting along the top is really just a whole row of smileys!

Good vibrations, indeed!