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Mr. Happy book and bruise soother September 20, 2012

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A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the awesome Mr. Happy notebook and bookbag my nieces and nephew gave me for my birthday. After I posted the photos of those gifts, I asked Jennifer if we still had her old Mr. Men and Little Miss books lying around, and — like the librarian she is — she went straight to them in our bookshelf, sorted through the stack and produced this:

Mr. Happy, by Roger Hargreaves. From Jennifer’s childhood bookshelf! 🙂

But wait, there’s more! Just a few days after that, we went on a shopping trip to The Container Store (where else would a librarian shop for organization tools?), and she called me over the to “impulse buy” rack where she’d spotted this AWESOME Mr. Happy “bruise soother” gel pack:

Of course she bought it for me. 🙂

Today, I was photographing the bruise soother for this post, and Jennifer said, “Man, I really could have used that for my knee.”

Remember Jennifer’s knee?

Bruise on my wife’s knee, 23 June 2009.


Reader-submitted ice pack July 19, 2012

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My nephew Aidan, with a smiley ice pack for his aching head. Submitted by Aidan via his mom, my sister.

The other day, I was floored with a headache and wound up soaking in the tub to sweat the headache away. For some reason, the headache and the time alone in a hot bath caused me to sit down at the computer afterward and knock out a short story, which just yesterday got accepted for publication. (Keep an eye on my regular blog for updates — the story comes out in September.)

I don’t know if this is related by anything other than serendipity, but today nephew Aidan sent me this photo, by way of my sister, along with my sister’s explanation: “Aidan’s nursing a headache, but he still thought of you when I handed him his new ice pack. He thought you might want to add it to your blog.”

Great minds think alike, Aidan! Also, great minds sometimes get headaches. It’s nice to know that whether it’s through surprisingly good short fiction or through the soothing of a cold ice pack, we can still be happy in the midst of our headaches. 🙂

PS: I love how the smiley face itself looks pained, as though it has a sympathy headache, but it keeps on smiling anyway:

Don’t worry, ice pack. It’ll be over soon. 🙂

Smileys as restroom signs July 16, 2012

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Smiley restroom markers. Bread and Ocean bakery and deli, Manzanita, OR.

My wife and I went to the Oregon coast today. It was GLORIOUS! Most of our day we spent lounging on the beach, listening to the surf while reading our books or watching kite-flyers. But for lunch, we stopped in at Bread and Ocean, this delicious little bakery/deli where we had paninis and cookies.

Bread and Ocean’s logo includes two sets of squiggly lines, three vertical squiggly lines for the heat rising off freshly baked bread, and three horizontal squiggly lines for the waves of the ocean. And on the restroom wall, they repeat the logo lines like hair on two smiley faces, to indicate that the restroom was unisex.

Happiness all around! 🙂

Shot glass (large!) April 19, 2012

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A while back, my sister went to Port Aransas, Texas — a favorite vacation spot for her — and while she was there, she picked up this giant eight-ounce shot glass for me. She knew I’d love the smileys on it! (Thanks, sis!)

I certainly had my share of fun in my younger years, but to be honest, I’m not much of a “smile, you’re drunk” guy these days. I certainly don’t frown at being sober, as the back of the glass suggests, and it definitely doesn’t take six ounces of booze for me to become happy! All it takes seeing someone else happy — as in, seeing lots of smiley faces, which this glass certainly provides! 🙂

Shot glass (large!). From my personal collection.

So the only thing I’ve actually chugged from this glass is water. If you can’t tell from the photos, I keep it on my bathroom sink, next to the floss; this is what I drink from when I’m taking an allergy pill or rinsing after brushing my teeth. Gotta keep that smile clean! 🙂

Beach towel July 11, 2011

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Beach towel. From my personal collection.

Down in the American South, where most of my friends and family live, the weather is brutally hot. I empathize, having lived the last few years in the United Arab Emirates. But now I’m up in the Pacific Northwest, where the weather is warming and we have more sunshine than usual but we’ve still not quite reached beach weather. We’re getting close, though, and I’m hoping to take this bright, happy towel along — even if we are more likely to be cliff-gazing than beach-combing up here in Oregon. 🙂

Here’s a close-up of the towel:

Beach towel, close up.

Smiley thermometer May 23, 2011

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Smiley thermometer. From my personal collection.

One reason my wife and I moved to the Pacific Northwest is because we realized, after growing up in Texas and living the past two years in the Middle East, that we don’t like heat. We much prefer cooler temperatures.

Today’s temperature*: 59. Perfect!

Thanks, smiley thermometer!

* You might notice that this thermometer actually registers 77 or so. That’s because when I took this photo I was A) indoors, and B) still in Texas. 😉

Bathroom sink set September 16, 2010

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Bathroom sink set (cup, soap dish, toothbrush holder). From my personal collection.

This bathroom set got me my own bathroom!  Okay, not really, but the timing was convenient:  Around the time I got this set, my wife and I moved into an apartment with a 1 1/3 bath, which meant that I had my own sink.  This was a great relief for both of us, because I wanted a place to display my smileys, but my wife had wisely pointed out how that bright yellow plastic clashed with our more adult bathroom decor.  With the spare sink (in another part of the apartment), it was a win-win.

In Mike Meyer’s interview on Inside the Actors Studio, he explained that he often comes up with movie ideas in the bathtub because, as he said, “bath time is silly time.”  I see no reason that should be confined to the tub; the bathroom sink can be just as silly, just as fun, as the tub.