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BONUS: Smiley + Smiley December 25, 2012

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Merry Christmas again, happy readers! This morning, after presents and chocolate, my wife and I sat down to breakfast (homemade “Dutch babies“) and when I took up my mug to sip my coffee, Aunt Smiley broke into sudden laughter and told me not to move. Then she grabbed the camera and snapped this photo.


“It was just too perfect,” she told me. “Even the hats are drooping on the same side!”

(And yes, I got a load of new smiley gear, so look forward to new pics later this week!)



Merry Christmas! December 24, 2012

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Two years ago, for this blog’s first Christmas post, I shared my plush smiley santa ornament.

Last year, I received a new smiley Santa ornament, this one painted glass with my name on it. It was a gift from (you guessed it) my dear mother-in-law, the Great Enabler.

So this year, I’m happy to share it with you on Christmas Eve! 🙂

Smiley Santa ornament. From my personal collection.

Smiley Santa ornament. From my personal collection.

And whatever your religion or your holiday practices, I hope you have a very, very happy season.

Christmas coffee mug December 22, 2011

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Christmas coffee mug. From my personal collection.

What would the winter holidays be without a hot beverage in a holiday mug? Whether you enjoy hot cocoa, hot tea, hot buttered rum, hot glühwein, or — like I do — hot coffee, you need a holiday mug to drink it from! And in my case, that mug had better have a smiley face on it!

Happy holidays in general, everyone! And if, like the smiley on this mug, you believe in Santa Claus, then Merry Christmas.

And to all a good night! 🙂

Christmas kitchen towel December 19, 2011

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Christmas kitchen towel. From my personal collection.

I do a LOT of baking around the holidays. Any holidays, but especially between Thanksgiving and Christmas. So I go through a lot of kitchen towels as I make messes in and clean up (repeat as needed!) my kitchen.

But this towel is just for decoration! And for smiling. 🙂

BONUS: My Christmas present December 26, 2010

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DVD release of Smiley Face (2007). The newest addition to my personal collection.

When I first heard about this film, I knew I had to own it.  No idea if it’s any good, though if the “official selection” designations from various film festivals is any indication it must at least be indie-chic.  But with a title and a cover like this, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it regardless!  (Maybe I’ll post a review here after I’ve watched it.)

Merry Christmas, happy readers.

Merry Christmas! December 23, 2010

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Plush ornament. From my personal collection.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

(When people tell my father this, he sometimes likes to joke with them by shouting back, “Oh yeah?  Same to you, buddy!”  Takes them a minute to realize what he’s really saying, but it gets a smile every time.)

I hope everyone enjoys the warmth of the holiday spirit no matter what your religion is, and I hope you share your own wishes for happiness with others during this joyous season.

A happy PSA December 19, 2010

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Santa Claus with a little girl

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Last year, the kind folks at one of my favorite blogs, Cake Wrecks, started a holiday charity drive.  The idea:  Instead of giving or receiving gifts, the husband-wife team would donate money to twelve charities, a different charity each day for twelve days, in the run-up to Christmas.  And, as a way to spread the spirit, they posted the charities on their blog and invited readers to contribute at least $1 each day to the charities.

The response was overwhelming.

So, this year, they’re doing it again.  My wife and I plan to join in (we’re several days behind, but there isn’t a time limit on giving), but I wanted to go the extra step and invite you to join as well.

Times are tight.  I get that.  But we’re talking about $1 a day.  We’re talking about, instead of dropping your change in the tip jar at Starbucks, you hang onto it and send it to a charity at the end of the day.

I plan to support all the charities plugged on the Cake Wrecks blog (go to the Cake Wrecks post titled “A [Gasp] GOOD CCC!?!” and start working your way up–I know you’re following that blog anyway, right?).  But for this blog, I want to give a special shout-out to Operation Smile, a children’s charity that helps fund surgery for kids with cleft palettes, cleft lips, and other deformities so kids can smile.

I’ve set up a donations page with Operation Smile which will allow you to donate through this blog.  Please go to http://support.operationsmile.org/goto/unclesmiley to donate.

BONUS: Summer Camp smiley December 15, 2010

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"Damn guess what I forgot." From the band Summer Camp's blog. (Click photo to visit their blog.)

I love the band Summer Camp.  But somehow, I almost love their blog more–each post is simply a photo, always retro, always nostalgic, and always named with the title of one of Summer Camp’s songs.

There’s a lot of awesomeness in this photo:  the guy’s shirt, his haircut, his house….  But look closely at the little girl’s t-shirt.  Is that a classic Harvey Ball smiley face I see?  Why yes!  Yes it is.

And that makes this photo glorious.  🙂