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Reader-submitted vodka December 13, 2012

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Reader submission, Smiley.
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My fraternal brother Jay sent me this photo yesterday. (No, that’s not his hand.)

Happy Vodka. Submitted by Jay.

Happy Vodka. Submitted by Jay.

“Here’s another smiley for you,” he wrote me. “I came across it on one of those funny picture/waste-gads-of-time websites.”


I shudder to think what the vodka tastes like (though if it’s any good, it won’t taste like anything), but boy would I love to have that bottle!

Actually, there’s a whole line of Happy brand clear alcohols. I haven’t tried any of them, so I won’t vouch for them. And kiddies, don’t think that just because there’s a smiley face on the bottle you ought to try any of this! But, grown-ups, if you do visit the website (which I won’t link to because I don’t want to make it any easier for the kids to wind up there, but grown-ups, I’m sure you can find it), I hope you have fun holding the mouse over the interactive smileys! It’s infectious, and it’ll make you giddy. (Probably like the alcohol.) 😉



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