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Mini spatulas December 10, 2012

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Kitchen & Bath, Smiley.
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Remember the smiley spatula from Sur la Table that our happy friend Debbie C. sent me? I’ve been dying to get out to a Sur la Table ever since, but I’ll be honest, Sur la Table is a dangerous store for me to set foot in. It’s one of the two stores my wife and I love dearly but actively avoid until we just can’t help it: my super-organized librarian wife could spend half our savings in The Container Store, and I would definitely spend the other half in Sur la Table.

But when we bought our first house last month, our bank — thrilled at the loan we’d just taken out! — gave us a housewarming gift in the form of a gift card to Sur la Table. So, at long last, we just couldn’t avoid one of my favorite shopping trips anymore….

And while I did buy a few long-time wishlist items (a wooden pizza peel, without which I’ve never felt quite complete ever since my days making wood-fired pizzas in an Italian restaurant; a marble mortar and pestle, and so on), you know I had to stop off at the spatula section and pick up something smiley.

Behold! My new mini spatulas by Spatulart! New to my personal collection.

Behold! My new mini spatulas by Spatulart! New to my personal collection.

Sure, I could have spent the whole card on smiley spatulas, including that excellent large one Debbie C. spotted. But I am married to a practical woman, and her practicality is infectious: I already have several egg-turners and burger-flippers, but I didn’t have any small spreading spatulas.

And they’re adorable, aren’t they? And yes, I’ve already used them — for spreading homemade garlic butter on bread — and I love them.

In fact, here….

... have a closer look.

… have a closer look.

So happy! 🙂

Also, heads-up, happy readers! Even though I’ve been away for a while, you readers haven’t, and thanks to your regular awesomeness plus a surprising fluke of a day last week, December’s visitor numbers are off the charts! So look for a special note about that later today. And thanks, as always, for stopping by and spreading the smiles. 🙂




1. Deborah Carlisle - December 10, 2012

so happy that you have given these little guys a home. i’m certain that they couldn’t have found a more loving home than yours and Jenn’s. ❤

Samuel Snoek-Brown - December 10, 2012

And thank you for the tip about the spatulas! I’ve been thinking about them ever since you sent that photo! 🙂

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