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December is going to end a year of bests December 10, 2012

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Web smileys.

So, it’s official, and has been since before 10 am PST: in a year of several best months, including a string of them this fall, December already has them all beat, by a longshot. We had the most visits ever back in October, and came close to our high numbers in November, but today, only ten days into the last month of the year, we’ve topped our most visits by more than 200 hits!

We broke the 2,000 mark!

We broke the 2,000 mark!

And as you can probably tell from that screenshot, our high numbers are partly due to a freakishly busy day here at the Smile! blog: back on Dec. 4, we topped out at more than 900 hits! I’m going to assume that’s the work of some sort of computer program auto-searching and hitting the blog, but hey, since then, we’ve been bringing in between 150 and 200 hits every day, so you happy readers are definitely helping out!

Thanks, everyone!

At this rate, we’re going to end the year on a fantastic high note, and I’m glad you’re all here and reading, because I’ve got some great new smileys to share! Some are gifts I’ve received recently (or know I’m going to receive for the holidays), some are reader-submissions, some are smileys I’ve seen around town lately…. We’ve got the whole gamut of happiness, actually!

So hang in there, smiley people, and keep checking back. We’re in for a very happy end of the year!




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