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Bumper sticker on a Subaru October 25, 2012

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Car, Smiley.
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Bumper sticker. Portland, OR.

Subaru seems to be the unofficial car in Portland. Good gas mileage, a solid combination of in-city driving with the possibility of getting up into the mountains on the weekends, a rugged reliability … It’s sort of a hipster-hiker’s car. Plus, it looks good with a bike rack on the back or a kayak on the roof. Chances are good that on any given day, you’ll see more of any given model of a Subaru than you would even of eco-friendly Priuses or Smart cars. There might even be as many Subarus in Portland as there are bicycles.

(Okay, probably not.)

Anyway, people around here seem pretty happy with their Subarus, which is why, when I spotted this smiley sticker slapped on the back of a Subaru in the parking lot of a Target, I had to snap it. 🙂



1. Cyclonaru - November 12, 2012

Love my Subaru. I don’t understand this fascination with Priuses. Good cars with little or no personality. It seems every other car in Tucson is some type of hybrid.

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