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Reader submitted smiley balloon September 13, 2012

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Smiley.

My friend Jaretta R. sent me this from Florida today. Through no fault of her own, the photo is hard to make out, but the story she tells about it is so share-worthy I had to ask her to let me post it here:

Balloon in the water (look closely at the yellow spot in the middle). Submitted by Jaretta R.

Here’s what Jaretta wrote about the photo:

Well, first of all, this is a terrible picture. I will explain. A few days ago, I took my dog out early in the morning. I noticed something “hitching a ride” on the current just off shore. By the time I realized what it was…it had drifted too far for a good picture. However, I snapped the best one I could get so that I could share it with you.

I guess you are probably wondering what it was…it was a yellow “Smiley face” balloon!!

Needless to say, it instantly put a smile on my face! A great reminder from the world to “Have a GREAT day”!!

That is excellent! And it’s exactly why I started this blog: to share smiles with everyone and make days a little bit happier. Thank you so much, Jaretta, for the reminder, and yes, thanks to you, we will have a great day!

  • Balloon (unclesmiley.wordpress.com)


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