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Reader-submitted ice pack July 19, 2012

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Kitchen & Bath, Reader submission, Smiley.
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My nephew Aidan, with a smiley ice pack for his aching head. Submitted by Aidan via his mom, my sister.

The other day, I was floored with a headache and wound up soaking in the tub to sweat the headache away. For some reason, the headache and the time alone in a hot bath caused me to sit down at the computer afterward and knock out a short story, which just yesterday got accepted for publication. (Keep an eye on my regular blog for updates — the story comes out in September.)

I don’t know if this is related by anything other than serendipity, but today nephew Aidan sent me this photo, by way of my sister, along with my sister’s explanation: “Aidan’s nursing a headache, but he still thought of you when I handed him his new ice pack. He thought you might want to add it to your blog.”

Great minds think alike, Aidan! Also, great minds sometimes get headaches. It’s nice to know that whether it’s through surprisingly good short fiction or through the soothing of a cold ice pack, we can still be happy in the midst of our headaches. 🙂

PS: I love how the smiley face itself looks pained, as though it has a sympathy headache, but it keeps on smiling anyway:

Don’t worry, ice pack. It’ll be over soon. 🙂



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