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Memorial Day May 28, 2012

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Holidays, Smiley.
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I believe in nonviolence. That means that I disapprove of warfare and so, by extension, I have some issues with militarism.

But that doesn’t mean I have issues with the men and woman who bravely step up to serve their fellow human beings in whatever manner they feel most useful. And when those people sacrifice themselves for that cause, we all should stop and contemplate that sacrifice, because these men and women make these sacrifices for us, even if we don’t ask them to. For them, it’s about honor and service to all humanity.

My mother’s grandfather served with distinction in the Navy during WWII. My father’s father helped protect the Atlantic as part of the Merchant Marines during WWII. My wife’s grandfather was a Marine and served in WWII. My father-in-law served in the Navy, one of my uncles served in the Air Force, and a good family friend flew helicopters in Vietnam. A buddy of mine from my college years deployed with the Army in the first Gulf War, and my sister’s husband as well as many (too many) of my students served in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have been so very, very fortunate that all of these people I personally know and love made it through their service alive, though not all made it unwounded.

To all these people, and to all of you who have served, are serving, or know someone in the military, please know that we are grateful for your service and your sacrifice.

One of my smiley Thank You cards, printed by American Greetings. From my personal collection.



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