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Reader-submitted eggs May 14, 2012

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Food, Holidays, Reader submission, Smiley.
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Eggs. Submitted by Heather Steele.

My friend Heather Steele — who sent in our very first reader-submitted smiley back on the blog’s second day online — sent me these smiling eggs on Sunday. “Smiley eggs!” she wrote me. “I guess they were happy to be sacrificed for blue pancakes. Thought about your blog, Sam.”

Thanks, Heather! I saw these and realized how often eggs get turned into smileys (two sunny-side up with a grin of bacon, anyone?), but they almost never land raw in a bowl like this! What a fortuitous moment. 🙂

(Also, I’m curious: Sunday was Mother’s Day and Heather is a mother. I’m hoping her husband was the one making the pancakes! Don’t moms ever get a day off? Thanks for being awesome, all you moms — including Heather and, of course, my only smiling mom. 🙂 )



1. Heather Steele - May 14, 2012

The pancakes were actually made on Saturday morning (although I love cooking for my family so I did make breakfast Sunday too).

FYI to all the other moms – bright blue food coloring doesn’t make pancakes look too yummy…not even to 4 year olds….

Samuel Snoek-Brown - May 14, 2012

Oh good, I’m glad you explained the blue pancakes! I’ve made blue pancakes on accident by going overboard on the blueberries, but I’ve never tried food coloring. Good to know I can skip it and stick to the blueberries. 😉

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