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Kitchen magnet clips May 10, 2012

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Kitchen & Bath, Smiley.
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Kitchen magnet clips. From my personal collection.

You’ll notice these are empty. I’m supposed to tuck coupons and receipts and recipes and notes from my wife (yes, milk is on the list) into these little clips, but I don’t. 1) We have a LOAD of clips and magnets and pouches for storing all those things, and they’re all on other parts of the fridge. And 2) I like to leave these happy (and one surprised) guys alone, no work required — I let them just hang out on the fridge and enjoy themselves. (And 2.5, I keep my grocery list on my iPod.)

Actually, my fridge is COVERED in smiley magnets, including a very cool homemade one, and a few of those smileys do hold up some ads and sticker sheets and business cards. But, lest I overwhelm you, I’ll save those smileys for other posts.

I am curious, though: what’s got the second smiley face so shocked? Whatever it is, I think the winky face had something to do with it. And the dude in the sunglasses isn’t telling anyone…. 😉



1. sue - May 12, 2012

I think he’s really shocked because he sees you go back to the fridge AGAIN – when it wasn’t that long ago that you were there opening it!!! 😉

I’d love to see your WHOLE fridge with all the magnets on it …. not necessarily the magnets individually……. I’d love to see it in it’s totality!!! 🙂

Samuel Snoek-Brown - May 12, 2012

Ha! They’re scattered, so it’d be a kind of Cubist photo unless I rearranged the magnets. (And at the moment, a Cubist photo sounds like something fun to attempt!) But sure, expect it in a future post! Anything for you, Sue! 🙂

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