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Parking tag April 9, 2012

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Car, Smiley.
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Smiley parking tag. In Portland, OR (where else?).

My wife spotted this parking tag in a car while we were looking for a parking spot on our street. After we’d parked and headed back down to this car, the owner was climbing in to leave, but Jennifer flagged her down. “Um, excuse me, my husband runs a smiley face blog where he collects images of smiley faces. Do you mind if he takes a photo of your parking tag?”

The driver was awesome and waited for me to lean over her hood to snap the photo. I asked where she got it, and she said it was the parking permit for her work.

Now we’re talking! I would LOVE to work at a place that requires a smiley parking tag! 🙂

Turns out she works at the Moon & Sixpence British pub in the Hollywood district of Portland, OR. The parking tag isn’t for the pub itself but for a private lot nearby the pub. Which makes me wonder how much it might cost to get such a parking space. Not that I’m down in Hollywood often enough to need a parking spot, and if I was I’d probably take public transit to get there, but still…. I would like to get one of these parking tags!

Here’s a close-up:

Who wouldn't feel better about their day coming back to car with one of these in the window?



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