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“History of Art” t-shirt March 19, 2012

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Art, Clothing & Accessories, Smiley.
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"History of Art" t-shirt, by the Sock and Roll Corporation (1991). From my (or rather, my wife's) personal collection.

Hi, happy readers! I know, it’s been almost a month since I last brought you the smileys. But fortunately, you’re all still smiling, now more than ever!

So I thought, what better return to the twice-weekly posts than a “history” lesson — and in art, no less! This t-shirt belonged to my wife (we finally had to let it go — it was getting pretty threadbare). Her parents used to take the family to the big art museums in Dallas and Fort Worth when she was a kid, and they picked this shirt up at the Dallas Museum of Art. You can see from the shirt’s copyright in the caption that the thing was more than 20 years old when we finally bid it farewell, so my wife certainly got a lot of happiness out of it! So, all’s well that ends well!

Now that we’re back, you can look forward to some great smiley posts coming up, because in this month-long absence a whole host of happy readers have been sending me some terrific smiley images. Plus, I’ve picked up a few new one of my own! So buckle in, gang. Spring time is here, we’ve done our cleaning, and we’re ready to let the happy faces shine!



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