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Smiley sitckers as luggage labels January 5, 2012

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Smiley, Travel.
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So, the New Year is well underway, and everyone is returning from their holiday vacations. (Or, as some of my good friends, are leaving home for conferences.) You’ve flopped on the couch, you’ve kicked your shoes off, you’ve slept off most of the jetlag. But unpacking? That can wait for the weekend. Because you only have a couple of bags, right?

Last spring, I had thirteen bags.

That's a lot of luggage.

I had so many bags last year because I was moving back to the United States from the United Arab Emirates and was taking basically everything we owned over there, minus furniture and my wife’s wardrobe. You should have seen me at the airport. The gate agents were walleyed.

Anyway, to keep track of all the bags and which bag contained what stuff (you know, for the customs forms — my librarian wife likes to keep me well organized!), I had to number every bag. And what better way to stick a number on luggage than with a smiley sticker!

Thirteen bags. Sixteen stickers. Phew! Three to spare!

You’d think these tiny schoolroom stickers would fall off just loading them into the taxi, but believe it or not, every sticker survived the entire trip: taxi to airport, two flights overseas, and a five-day drive across the US.

Because happiness sticks!


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