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Dunkin’ Donuts coffee October 24, 2011

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Food, Smiley.
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Dunkin' Donuts coffee. Photo taken April 2010.

I’m a bit of a coffee snob, and while I’m sure that Dunkin’ Donuts coffee tastes just fine, I prefer to eschew big brand names in favor of buying local roasts. So I can’t tell you if this “Toasted Almond” coffee would actually make me smile. But I certainly love the packaging!



1. successwithcoffee - October 24, 2011

coffee snob, i would say present as well

jamaica blue mountain with ganoderma is quite a treat

have u tried ????

Samuel Snoek-Brown - October 25, 2011

Someone has served me a cup at some point, though I can’t remember when or where. I do remember I liked it!

These days I’m trying to buy as much locally (meaning Oregon — Portland if possible) roasted coffee as I can: my two favorites so far are Trailhead and Stumptown, though I’m currently drinking Lone Pine coffee from Bend, OR. If I ever back away from local coffee, I’ll almost certainly go with Ruta Maya or Texas Coffee Traders, both in Texas, because I have a cousin who works at each of them and both make great coffee!

successwithcoffee - October 25, 2011

Healthy coffee with a twist , ………….

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is the most sought after coffee in the world and the most finest. It is Jamaica’s most protected crop

As a coffee connoisseur, this type is already grounded ready for the coffee maker; I am Jamaican, This Jamaica Blue Mountain has the finest reputation in the world and they have partnered with OrGano Gold! plus I get paid just by drinking something thats good and tasty.

cant go wrong there ??? right

2. successwithcoffee - October 24, 2011

its filtered not instant type

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