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Stress ball April 11, 2011

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Office, Smiley.
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Stress ball. From my personal collection.

I could sure use this today!

I’m packing, not just a few things for a trip but EVERYTHING. I don’t have a final count yet, but I’m lugging at least a half-dozen huge suitcases down to the airport tomorrow morning, and then I’m getting on a plane and spending the next 24 hours or so in transit.

Uncle Smiley and wife are moving back to the States.

My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed our few years living overseas in the Middle East, but we’re also thoroughly enjoying the adventure of moving back to the US. Part of that adventure, though, requires me to move over ahead of my wife, so I can find a place to live and she can send our cats to our new home before flying out to join us. Which means I’m responsible for all this luggage on my own! Then there’s our stockpile of stuff in storage, and a moving van, and a cross-country road trip… Oh, and did I mention I’m attending an academic conference in the middle of all this?

So, bring on the stress ball! Make me happy!

(Next post: see you in the US, gang!)



1. sue - April 12, 2011

Good luck with everything – hope it doesn’t get tooooo stressful!!

At least you’ll be enjoying being “back home” 🙂

🙂 sue 🙂

Samuel Snoek-Brown - April 17, 2011

Thanks, Smiley Sue! And just to keep the happy going: so far, so good! The flights over, in particular, were extremely smooth! 🙂

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