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Lanyard April 4, 2011

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Clothing & Accessories, Smiley.
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Lanyard. From my personal collection.

It’s funny: I never really use lanyards, yet I have a ton of these things. Most of them are attached to id wallets; these are popular at the academic conferences I attend, and I have taken to collecting the ids and lanyards from all the conferences I go to — I like to hang them around my desk, partly so I can “look academic” to anyone who bothers to look at my desk, but mostly just for the memories of the conferences. (I’ve been to some cool conferences.)

I have no idea where I picked this smiley lanyard up, though. It’s certainly not from any conference. Later this month, though, I’ll be attending the national conference of the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association, and I’ve just decided it would be fun to swap out their id lanyard for this one. So if you’re in San Antonio in late April, especially if you’re at PCA/ACA, look for the guy in the smiley lanyard. Chances are good it’ll be me.  🙂



1. :-) - April 4, 2011

Ditto with me – I have a few of them but have never used them either!!

🙂 sue

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