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Happy Valentine’s Day February 14, 2011

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Art, Holidays, Smiley.
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For as long as I’ve known my wife, I’ve been drawing smiley faces on the cards I give her. Anniversary, birthday, Christmas–you name the event, and I’ve put a smiley on a card for her.  It’s become a variation on my signature, so when she sees my little smiley face she knows it’s from me.  Usually, I surround the smiley with a heart, because she is, after all, my wife.  This is of course most prevalent during Valentine’s Day, when I will often add smileys to existing hearts on the card and “seal” the envelope with a smiling heart.

Poster for the 1953 film Lili, from Wikipedia

I’m not the only one who does this.  Hearts have been happy for decades (the Wikipedia entry on the smiley currently includes a movie poster from 1953’s Lili, which shows not only the traditional smiley-in-a-circle but also a smiley in a heart), and I could have included a whole post of smiling-heart clip art.  But this year is a bit special for my wife and me, since it’s our 14th Valentine’s Day together.  The conjunction of 14 years on the 14th of February feels distinctive, so I felt this more personal post was better suited to the day.

So yes, that is the card and envelope I gave my wife today.

Today, spread a little love while you’re sharing your smileys, and help make the world not only a happier but also a more loving place!

BONUS: I like to make my wife special coffee drinks, like cafe lattes and mochaccinos, but I’m no barista.  So when I want to make shapes with cinnamon or chocolate on the foamy surface of her coffee, I have to use a template, which I cut out of cardboard.  The other day, I was straightening up our coffee area in the kitchen and tossed two of my templates, the heart and the smiley face, together on the counter.  Later, I realized they’d landed like this:

Heart and smiley templates, cut from the cardboard of a Linda McCartney veggieburger box.

I swear it wasn’t on purpose–they just landed that way.  🙂



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