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BONUS: Reader-submitted smiley kids! February 1, 2011

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Clothing & Accessories, Reader submission, Smiley.
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My nephew Aidan's baby bib. (All photo s in this post courtesy of Sara Snoek).

As I mention in my “About” page, my sister’s kids call me Uncle Smiley. They take that epithet so seriously that they frequently get smiley-face gifts with me in mine, starting from infancy: this is my nephew’s baby bib, which he wore almost as soon as he came home from the hospital!

Below are the two pictures that prompted this post, though: my niece recently got smiley-face earrings and wanted to show them off to me, so my sister took these pictures on her camera phone.

Love you, too, kiddos! 🙂



1. 78006 Public Storage - February 1, 2011

So cute! As they say, it takes a lot of facial muscles to frown but only one to smile. So smile everyone!

2. BONUS: Reader-submitted brother Jon « Smile! - February 26, 2011

[…] he’s feeling jealous of all the attention my niece and nephew got earlier this month.  Just be glad you’re not looking at his […]

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