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Bank pen January 17, 2011

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Office.
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Bank pen. From my personal collection.

Like most businesses (I’m looking at you, Wal*mart), banks like their customers to be happy, so the smiley face is a common marketing logo.  You see it everywhere–on signage (“Come on in–we’re friendly people!”), on price tags (“Smile!  This price isn’t so bad–honest!”), on sales advertisements (“But wait–this price is even better!”), and so on.  In the case of banks, the smiley face turns up frequently on promotional giveaways like this pen.  This one is from a local bank we used when we lived in Wisconsin.  And, marketing tricks aside, we actually were quite happy with that bank.*  Truth in advertising!  Who knew?

Soapbox moment: I’m a strong advocate of banking locally.  Have been for years, but I’ve gotten more vocal about it since the recent collapse of so many giant financial institutions and the havoc such collapse has wrecked on the world’s economy.  Smaller, local banks tend to take fewer risks in their investments, and when they use your money in loans to other customers, it tends to go toward the local community more than into the pockets of already rich people in some huge city far away.  Basically, I support the George Baileys of the world a lot more readily than I do the Mr. Potters.  Something to think about.



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