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Caricature January 6, 2011

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Art.
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Caricature. Drawn in Sharpie by Jennifer Snoek-Brown.

A long, long time ago–we were both still in undergrad, which would make this, oh, at least a dozen years back–my wife and I were sitting around one afternoon, studying or reading or something, when she suddenly snapped up a sheet of paper (or maybe it was a napkin) and started doodling.  Jennifer loves drawing faces, and she has a knock for doing both cartoons and simple, evocative portraits in just a few smooth lines.  On this day, way back when, she doodled me, and I loved the drawing so much it’s become her default sketch of me.

When you draw a caricature–or indeed any quick, sketchy portrait–your job is to focus on just a few key features and emphasize them.  The idea is to capture not the whole person but the essence of the person.  Or so the experts (Scott McCloud, Will Eisner, my wife) tell me.  In this sketch, Jennifer chose as my “essential” features my hair, my nose, and my smiling eyes–this last because, really, I’m smiling a lot more often than I’m not.

Which is why I’m adding it to the collection.  Consider it a version of Cheeseman, all grown up.



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