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BONUS: Reader-submitted laptop December 19, 2010

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Office, Reader submission, Smiley.
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Smiley face sticker on laptop. Submitted by Jennifer S-B.

My wife used to groan every time we’d even see a smiley face, because she knew I’d want to add it to my collection.  But ever since I started this blog–with her encouragement!–she’s become my biggest supporter, and sometimes I think she finds more smileys than I do!  She’s truly awesome.

This sticker is on the laptop of one of the student workers in the university library where my wife works, in Abu Dhabi.  Laptop stickers are HUGE on that campus–all the students have them in all shapes and sizes and themes.  So when my wife saw this smiley in the library one day, she knew it belonged in the blog, and she grabbed these photos with her camera phone.  Below are two more angles on it.

Thanks, Jennifer!  🙂

Even MORE bonus: computers and laptops have become a kind of theme here!  Check out the reader-submitted video from October 13 and the magazine cover from October 15 (the latter was also from my wife!).



1. sue .... - December 19, 2010

See – smiles REALLY A-R-E contagious!!

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