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A happy PSA December 19, 2010

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Holidays.
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Last year, the kind folks at one of my favorite blogs, Cake Wrecks, started a holiday charity drive.  The idea:  Instead of giving or receiving gifts, the husband-wife team would donate money to twelve charities, a different charity each day for twelve days, in the run-up to Christmas.  And, as a way to spread the spirit, they posted the charities on their blog and invited readers to contribute at least $1 each day to the charities.

The response was overwhelming.

So, this year, they’re doing it again.  My wife and I plan to join in (we’re several days behind, but there isn’t a time limit on giving), but I wanted to go the extra step and invite you to join as well.

Times are tight.  I get that.  But we’re talking about $1 a day.  We’re talking about, instead of dropping your change in the tip jar at Starbucks, you hang onto it and send it to a charity at the end of the day.

I plan to support all the charities plugged on the Cake Wrecks blog (go to the Cake Wrecks post titled “A [Gasp] GOOD CCC!?!” and start working your way up–I know you’re following that blog anyway, right?).  But for this blog, I want to give a special shout-out to Operation Smile, a children’s charity that helps fund surgery for kids with cleft palettes, cleft lips, and other deformities so kids can smile.

I’ve set up a donations page with Operation Smile which will allow you to donate through this blog.  Please go to http://support.operationsmile.org/goto/unclesmiley to donate.



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[…] Not everyone who reads this blog also follows my other blog, Smile! (but really, why not?), so I wanted to post a short note here asking you to visit my other blog for an important message about how to help share a little happiness and cheer this holiday season.  You can find the post in the Smile! blog under “A happy PSA.” […]

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