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Benno Mélange, Viennese specialty coffee December 16, 2010

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Food, Travel.
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Benno Mélange, Viennese specialty coffee from Cafe Benno, Vienna, Austria. Photo taken December 2009.

This is the Benno Mélange, a specialty of the Café Benno in Vienna.  The mélange is a kind of cappuccino particular to Vienna, and the Benno version always comes with this smiley face in cocoa on the foam.  It’d be delicious even without the smiley, but seeing that grin looking up at me made the coffee taste even better!

Here’s an overhead view, and a shot of me with my smiley:



1. Heather - December 16, 2010

So cute! I want one 🙂

2. Reader-submitted “smilin’ dark roast” simulacrum « Smile! - July 19, 2011

[…] Canadian friend from back in Abu Dhabi, who online goes by Locrian Rhapsody, knows I love coffee at least as much as I love smileys. So when she found this grin in her coffee grounds, she sent the […]

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