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Decorative smiley orb, handmade December 13, 2010

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Art, Decor, Smiley.
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Decorative smiley orb, handmade from glass beads, tissue paper, and Styrofoam. A gift from Michelle Hall. From my personal collection.

This is an old gift, but it’s a cool one.  When I was in grad school back in `99 and 2000, our department secretary over at West Texas A&M got into the hobby of constructing decorative orbs from Styrofoam and glass beads.  She made all sorts in all colors and sizes and handed them out as gifts from time to time.  One day, quite unprompted, she decided to make me this smiley face.

Despite the Styrofoam core, it weighs a small ton–those glass beads are heavy!–but its knobby shape keeps it from rolling around, and Michelle designed it in such a way that it sits level, whether facing forward or tilted upward slightly.  (With all those beads, it would have been easy to get off-center and wind up with a leaning smiley, but she balanced this perfectly.)

Because it’s unique and quirky and personal, this has become one of my favorite smileys, and now I’m sharing it with you.



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