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Shaved hair October 11, 2010

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Public art, signs, & graffiti.
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Shaved hair. Courtesy of Jon Snoek.


Okay, bear with me a minute:  This is armpit hair.

There’s a story here.  It’s not much of a story, but it explains why I have armpit hair on a smiley blog.

About seven months ago, my brother, filmmaker and professional cook Jon Snoek, made an offhand comment in Facebook that it would be funny to shave a smiley face into his armpit hair.  The online world, of course, egged him on, and eventually, he decided to go for it.  This smiley face was the result.

Not many people find happiness in other people’s armpits, I know.  But you have to admit, this is pretty hilarious.  And if it made you laugh, then my brother’s work–and mine–is done.

Oh, and the real reason I’m posting this today?  Today is my brother’s birthday.  Happy birthday, Jon!

FYI: If you do enjoy the comedy of armpits, you might want to check out my brother’s Facebook group, Designer Armpits. But only if you really want to.




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[…] Apparently, he’s feeling jealous of all the attention my niece and nephew got earlier this month.  Just be glad you’re not looking at his armpits. […]

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