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BONUS: Pirate Smiley! September 19, 2010

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Food, Holidays, Smiley, Web smileys.
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pirate con leche

Image by Chris Blakeley via Flickr

Ahoy!  In case ye dinae know, today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

And this be a pirate smiley!


And that there on the starboard side be another pirate smiley!

(“Starboard” be on yer right, ye landlubber scalawags!)

Need more happiness than a barrel o’ rum?  Try openin’ this dead man’s chest and behold the treasure within:  Pirate Smiley @ Cafe Press.

But before ye leave, Uncle Smiley needs a crew! Sign the articles (you landlubbers call `em the “RSS feed”) and get yer smileys every week!

Now shove off, mateys, and don’ forget to talk like a pirate!  Arrr!!

Avast!!! Before ye be off, allow me to set yer course:  I’ve hoisted me Jolly Rogers in all its variations aboard the grand ship Skull-a-Day!



1. Heather - September 19, 2010

Very cute Sam. It made me think of pumpkin pie, so I am heading out to pick up the ingredients.

Samuel Snoek-Brown - September 19, 2010

It do indeed! I be glad ye pointed that out, Heather. I don’ think it very piratey o’ me t’say so, but I like t’keep th’ingredients to pumpkin pie on hand whenever I can, and I might make one meself soon!

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