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Smile in prayer September 11, 2010

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Art, Smiley.
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"Smile in prayer." My own drawing, in Sharpie.

This blog project is supposed to be about injecting a little happiness into the world.  We do it because the world could always use a little more happiness, a few more reasons to smile.

Days like today–the 9th anniversary of truly horrifying terrorist attacks in the US–make it hard to smile, but they also remind us how important smiling can be.

Today, I offer only the simplest of smiley faces, a quiet, meditative sketch, a smile of the spirit.

But you have plenty more smiles to find:

Look to a friend or a loved one and find your smile there.

Remember the people you’ve lost, but remember them smiling.

Find your nearest emergency service person–a police officer, a fire fighter, a paramedic–and thank them, and see them smile in return.

Find others who serve and help us:  clergy, doctors, librarians, military personnel, postal workers, teachers, and so on.  Thank them, too.

Go outside and offer others your own smile.

Today is for remembering a lot of things, but we should never be forced to remember hatred or to dwell in sorrow.  And we should always remember the importance of spreading joy.



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