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Pillow (plus: Happy Labor Day!) September 6, 2010

Posted by Samuel Snoek-Brown in Decor, Holidays, Smiley.
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Pillow. From my personal collection.

This is classic smiley goodness, and it’s soft to boot!  I have never leaned against or laid my head on this pillow and not been happy.  One of the best items in my whole collection.

So take a load off, my American friends, and relax this Labor Day.  You’ve earned a happy pillow!



1. Krystal - July 27, 2013

this may seem like an odd question considering the purpose of this post, but where did you buy that pillow? I have the same exact one in blue and I really want to buy a duplicate one in yellow but I can’t remember where I bought it

Samuel Snoek-Brown - July 27, 2013

I want to say Walmart? It’s been years, so I’ve forgotten, too. But Walmart or Target seems a good guess.

I haven’t been in a Walmart in ages, though, and I haven’t looked at pillows in Target in a while. I did a quick search — probably the same search you’ve done a dozen times already — and didn’t see any online, though. I swear I saw a version of one recently in a Walgreen’s, but I’m not seeing anything online related to that, either.

Of course, there’s the Smiley Store (http://www.smileystore.com/), but the smiley pillow they have isn’t remotely like ours.

I’ll check with the Great Enabler (aka my mother-in-law), though, because a ton of my smiley collection comes from her and she gets a lot of them from catalogs. Stay tuned!

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